Expert opinions We asked experts in the field of law and logistics for their opinion on the upcoming events. Before October 31, it is difficult to speculate on what terms the UK will leave the community, and thus what the future of e-commerce will look like after Brexit. The attitude of the Islands to the new EU regulations, such as the provisions of the e-privacy regulation, will be crucial. In addition, it is not known whether the judgment of the Court of Justice of the EU of 01.10 regarding consent to cookies or extending the definition of a consumer to economic activity will be recognized by the UK. If not, then English regulations will become more favorable to entrepreneurs.

This can significantly weaken the position of consumers

Contractual leaving the community, neither entrepreneurs nor consumers will be able to resolve disputes with British persons through the EU ODR platform, and disputes pending there will simply expire. When it comes to the protection of database personal data, I believe that the UK will maintain the standards developed so far. It should be reminded that upon leaving the European community, the United Kingdom will become a Third Country – so in the case of a British contractor, it will be necessary to indicate in the privacy policy that the data is transferred outside the EU.

However any further tightening of regulations


The EU may not be reflected in the UK. As a consequence. In the future there may be a situation in which British law will be much more lenient than EU law. In turn, directing sales to the UK will require adapting to two regimes: the EU and the British. Which will significantly increase the costs for entrepreneurs. So far, an e-entrepreneur America email list directing sales to European countries could expect the same or similar legal restrictions. This rule will no longer apply to the Islands. In turn, an entity, a Polish one importing goods from the UK, will be responsible for introducing. The product into the European Union, which involves, among others. With liability for a dangerous product and customs duties.