Apr 9, 2023
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Lots of smaller companies (mainly clothing brands) have become involve in sewing masks and producing disinfectants initiative of PKN Orlen and KGHM). Other areas of CSR activity in the era of coronavirus include: providing the necessary materials to meical services, help for the elderly, supporting local businesses, delivering meals to hospitals, providing equipment to employees working from home and students learning remotely, volunteering for schools and health services. CSR activities in times of crisis also apply to employees. Employer branding during the pandemic focuses on the physical and mental health of employees.

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Many companies have implemente new solutions adequate to the situation – including psychological support, adapting workplaces to new requirements, working from home, providing employees with disinfectants and masks. The pandemic database has shown how important CSR activities are. She reefine the approach to helping and getting involve in social causes. In addition, it prepare companies for possible crisis situations in the future. CSR areas – tools CSR activities must be consistent with public relations activities. They should align with the mission and vision of the brand.


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Thanks to this, they will be authentic and will perfectly fit into the functioning of the company. CSR uses various tools that allow it to achieve its goals. The first of them are ecological activities – all initiatives and investments that minimize.  The company’s negative impact on the natural environment. An example is the recycling of garbage or giving up buying America Email List water in plastic bottles. Activities in the field of ecology also include searching for innovations that can have a positive impact on the environment – as part of the business or products offere. The second CSR tool is employee volunteering. This is understood as the involvement of employees of a given enterprise in pro-social actions, voluntary work for social initiatives – organizing collections of food and accessories for animals from shelters.

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