Apr 15, 2023
Without purpose there is no motivation

This, of course, does not mean playing board games with preschoolers, because that will allow us to win. It’s about setting small, realistic goals that will guarantee you small victories. And it is these small successes that will start to overlap and push you to keep going.

However, an action triggers another action, and this action triggers even more actions. Thanks to this, we build momentum that allows us to devetime to Database makelop new businesses, sculpt the body, improve our health, learn new languages. It is this chain of small successes that also allows us to create new better habits and fight the old, not necessarily good ones.

This positive momentum affects the level of our motivation and self-confidence, which will be useful in achieving more demanding goals.

With a little planning, we can create our own wave of productivity that will carry us to the next, more important goals.

Here we come to the most important point – the goal-setting itself.

Choose SMART goals!

Setting goals can be more difficult than it sounds – we must first know not only how to set them, but also how to follow them. The process of preparing the list requires, above all, admitting to yourself that achieving the goal will require effort and time from us.

If you don’t know where to start, use the strategy below to create your own map leading to the next objective.

If you don’t know where to start, use a battle-tested strategy that will greatly increase your chances of success.

The concept I want to introduce you to is called SMART.

SMART is an ideology of formulating goals, which is a set of five features that should characterize a correctly formulated goal. Let’s take a closer look at it.



The goal should be clear and unambiguous. Understanding it shouldn’t be a problem. There should also be no room for loose interpretation. Speaking of learning to swim, you weren’t thinking about swimming on a dinghy or a cargo ship, were you? The more details you provide on this point, the better.


Your goal must be presented in such a way that you can quantify the degree of its achievement. This will allow you to monitor your progress towards your goal. So if you set a goal to swim 10 lengths of the pool, and now you only have the strength to swim 5, then you are halfway there.


There is nothing wrong with having high ambitions and raising the bar higher and higher. However, as you work towards your goals, you need to make sure thr the America Email List lat they are achievable. If you want to beat Michael Phelps in the pool, you will quickly lose motivation and faith in achieving your goal.


Your goal must be an important step forward for you. It can’t be art for art’s sake. When setting your most important goal and looking for the most important. Why”, you need to find the value you get when you achieve it. After all, you are going on your dream trip with your family and you will have the opportunity to bathe in the ocean. You want to make sure your children are safe.

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