Apr 9, 2023
We all know groupers inhabit a structured bottom

Therefore, we need equipment that can really withstand the pressure, and pull it out of its playing area.

The larger our target, the more powerful and rugged the equipment will be.

Jordan Selection
A rod that has a strong backbone is very important to withstand grouper pressure.

The right rod will help us control the run of this fish more effectively.

In general, the casting equipment suitable for grouper in the estuary area is medium heavy.

For example a fishing rod with a minimum strength of 8-20lb

Reel Selection
The most important thing in reel selection Database is to have a good and strong drag system.
If you are fishing in a river or estuary, don’t use too small a poundage line.

You may be able to use a low-strength line (10 pounds for example) to fish for pond grouper.

But the estuary game situation is different. The challenge is bigger and more challenging.

In fact, grouper fish in wild waters are much stronger and fiercer.

Although 2kg in size, grouper in the river area is enough to make our heart stop.

Use the main rope of the embroidery type (braid) with a minimum strength of 30 pounds or more.

Because the grouper game zone is full of barnacles and various sharp structures, it is advised to use a fluorocarbon type leader with a strength of at least 40 pounds or more.

In fact at times you may need to use a leader as heavy as 60 pounds


So the appropriate lure is a lure that can America Email List act as close as possible to the structure.

What kind of lure do you use?

The lure that is always the choice of the casters in the river area is the deep diving lure.

The deeper, the better.

This is intended so that underwater structures such as sunken bunks can be reached more tightly.

The closer our gewang can get to the house, the more chance we have of getting a strike from the grouper.

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