Apr 10, 2023
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Ad one last tip Why not try to roll up your clothes instead of folding them when packing. This saves space in an emergency. Health problems are particularly unpleasant on business trips. Was it the wrong food? Is it just nervousness or an allergic reaction? In order to know quickly what is wrong with you or why you feel so strange, you want to describe your symptoms to a doctor in person immdiately.

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This is now possible with the Telemdicine Assistance Service from AXA Partners. Because as an AirPlus Virtual Cards and AirPlus Company Latest Mailing Database Account customer with insurance cover, you can prepare for such situations in the best possible way: The Telemdicine Assistance Service enables a qualifid initial mdical assessment with appropriate recommendations for action in the event of mdical problems on business trips. You can get advice from competent and qualifid general practitioners simply by telephone or video call.

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All you nd is the free telemdicine app “Doctor Please!”, which you can download from the Apple App or Google Play Store . The Telemdicine Assistance Service is available around the clock and in 6 languages ​​(German, English, Spanish, French, Italian America Email List and Portuguese) worldwide Simply arrange an initial mdical consultation if you suffer from health problems or are feeling unwell on your business trip. The initial consultation makes a recommendation for further treatment without you having to spend valuable time in the waiting room.

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