Apr 4, 2023
Drama Automatically Increases Their Active User Base

Despite the economic recession brought about by the pandemic, Southeast Asia added 40 million internet users, and one in three users was generated by new buyers.

Lazada active user base
Let’s take a look at Lazada’s active user base:

Number of monthly web visits on Lazada in Southeast Asia in the first half of 2020, by country (in millions). Published by Statista Research Department, 29 Mar 2021

Lazada has more than 100 Million monthly active users and 80 Million annual active consumers. This is a 200% increase since Alibaba took over Lazada.

They have strengthened their position in Thailand with 36.67 million monthly visits and 34.33 million monthly visits in the Philippines.

Their digital payments campaign called Lazada Wallet saw a 35% increase in Malaysia. Their third party online seller in Vietnam also increased 150% and still growing.

Shopee’s active user base

Number of monthly web visits on Lazada in Southeast Asia in the first half of 2020, by country (in millions)

As of June 2020, there were more than 290 Million monthly visits from across the Southeast Asia region, with the majority of visits coming from Indonesia.

In just 5 years, Shopee is the most downloaded app, ranking first in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and ranking third globally in the Shopping Category.

Here’s what they do:

Just like Lazada, Shopee started with aggressive and overwhelming advertising across Southeast Asia.

However, operations slowed whatsapp mobile number list during Lazada’s transition from Rocket Internet to Alibaba. Lazada has also failed to address patchy and irregular product availability in Southeast Asia, resulting in slow and frequent delivery delays.

Meanwhile, Shopee is focusing on partnering with local grocers, especially among Chinese businesses – a move Lazada executives in Europe are trying to avoid. Shopee also poured funds to increase traffic and sales volume, which in turn accelerated the development of local delivery services.

They also partner with local celebrities and assign famous endorsers in each specific region.

The biggest collaboration they have is with Backlink

whatsapp mobile number list

allowing them to break into the first generation Gen Z and Millennial demographics.

Takeaway: At first glance, one could blame Lazada’s top executive transition, but the main problem has been Lazada’s inability to provide a consistent product especially in the local area, which has allowed Shopee to take over in terms of product availability and delivery.

Supported merchants with fun selling features and incentives to increase sales
Promotion and marketing strategies are very important to successfully reach customers and ultimately increase sales.

Lazada’s biggest promotion in 2020 America email list occurs on Singles Day or 11.11. It’s a 24-hour shopping marathon that started in China and is eventually being adopted by retailers in Southeast Asia.

Delivering on Lazada’s promise of significant traffic, over 400,000 small to medium-sized sellers across Southeast Asia are enjoying massive online exposure, generating a record 40 million customer visits in just one day.

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