Apr 9, 2023
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Their lack or insufficient amount is the most common obstacle at this stage of the client’s decision-making process. It is enough to compare the conversion in two stores selling the same products, one of which is accompanie by: product descriptions, category descriptions, blog entries, section “about the company”, advice videos. All this is part of the information that the customer nees to dispel his doubts. Another common problem may be too short customer path. If the customer has only a few opportunities to experience the brand only in the online store, and not in social meia, sponsore articles, Google ads, etc.

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Then he may not have time to make a purchase decision. It would be undertaken if the consumer decision process was extende by a few or a dozen or so touchpoints – points of contact between the customer and the brand. An phone number list obstacle may also be technical difficulties at the stage when the customer already wants to make a purchase. If there are too many obstacles, he may abandon the purchase. Contact us – we will remove all obstacles from the purchasing path of your customers.

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So that they can complete the purchase without any problems.Which business model suits your company? March 19, 2021 Marketing strategy Many dream of creating a new business model that will revolutionize the world, like crowdfunding America Email List or franchising before. What is a business model, what are the most popular ones and how to choose the right one in a specific case? Let’s check. Below you will find sections such as: Business model – definition Examples of business models Business model of the company – how to choose the right one? Is it possible to create a new business model.

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