Apr 9, 2023
The potential of emojis is notice by brands

The popular newspaper The Telegraph claime that Emoji is the fastest-growing language in British history, having evolve from a simple combination of punctuation to convey basic emotions and moods. Today, the repertoire of these icons is much richer and not limite to emotions – they also represent food, animals, appliances, gadgets and much more. In addition, new elements appear from time to time that allow you to create more and more complex messages. Today, emojis are use by most people in everyday text communication to somehow emphasize the message being conveye or to set the right tone for it. They have become so popular that, as evidence by psychologists, our brain has encountere face symbols so often that it reacts to them as to a human face in the real world.

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Lcons are such an important part of whatsapp mobile number list our lives that, according to the Oxford Dictionary, “Word of the Year 2015” was emoji for the first time! Specifically, “face with tears of joy”, which in the US accounte for 17% of all emoji use there, and in the UK 20%. It was considere that it reflects the mood of last year. Emojis are everywhere How often emojis are use is illustrate by statistics on the use of emojis on Twitter. Attention, the pace of changes is so dynamic that a warning for people suffering from epilepsy appears before entering the website.

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Emoji Report 1. Burger King – product introduction In 2005, chicken fries appeare on the Burger King menu for the first time. Seven years later, they America email list were withdrawn from the offer, but thanks to customer requests last year, to the menu. To promote this fact, apart from advertising spots, posts in social meia, hashtag on Twitter ChickenFriesAreBack, the brand also use deicate emojis.

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