Apr 9, 2023
This integration will bring to your business

Notifications with searche results look like this: Brand24 and slack integration The integration itself is extremely simple – a few clicks and your project will be attache to Slack. You can get all the necessary information on this topic in the video below, in which our CRO Mick Griffin shows the integration step by step. Brand24 + Slack = Only benefits We didn’t make this integration possible just because we love this tool. We did this because we see the numerous benefits. You will increase the satisfaction of your customers because you will always answer comments and questions about your business. You will appoint the most competent people to respond to individual mentions, who will build relationships with your customers in the right way.

Efficiently to problematic comments

You will be able to react even more before they turn into a crisis, because they can be discovere and reacte to by team members who do not have access to Brand24. You won’t waste time navigating between different tools. See how Latest Mailing Database this integration works in practice! We strongly encourage you to track relevant mentions about your company directly in Slack – control the results that appear, answer questions, engage customers and prevent crises. Remember, however, that these notifications will not replace our Dashboard – visit it regularly to get as much information.

Latest Mailing Database

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Possible for your business from the searche mentions. yet, create one and test Brand24 for 14 days for free. Create CASE STUDY Youtubers’ drama America email list analyze using Internet monitoring – VIDEO Aneta GlowackaAneta GlowackaMarch 29, 2016 ・ 1 min read Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn At Brand24, we have already observe various topics, including smog , the Polish premiere of Netflix  and hangovers.

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