Apr 4, 2023
Supported Merchants With Fun Selling Features

Promotion and marketing strategies are very important to successfully reach customers and ultimately increase sales. 

Lazada’s biggest promotion in 2020 occurs on Singles Day or 11.11. It’s a 24-hour shopping marathon that started in China and is eventually being adopted by retailers in Southeast Asia. 

Delivering on Lazada’s promise of significant traffic, over 400,000 small to medium-sized sellers across Southeast Asia are enjoying massive online exposure, generating a record 40 million customer visits in just one day. 

Additionally, sellers who adopted Lazada’s core seller tools (Seller Picks, Instant Messaging, Lorikeet PDP Decorations , and other promotional tools) experienced 25% growth in their sales

Lazada Initiative vs Shopee during the pandemic

Both Lazada and Shopee are working to offer support to their sellers and merchants during the pandemic.

In the Philippines for example, Lazada is offering P100 Million worth of incentives during their Bounce Back Together campaign to help financially SMEs especially those selling high demand goods such as food and medical supplies. 

Shopee also offers a Seller Support phone number list Package to help businesses digitize and start their online business through online seminars and webinars. They also held a 9.9 Super Shopping Day where sellers and brands received increased traffic and visibility through exclusive engagement tools such as Shopee Live and Shopee Feed. 

Focus on customer experience  

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Lazada and Shopee both understand the importance of having a mobile-friendly and customer-friendly app, with both platforms allocating large sums towards enhancing the mobile and website user experience. 

Customer service and direct messages to sellers are available on both platforms and are part of their seller performance ratings to encourage sellers to be more receptive. Lazada connection increasesDuring Lazada Investor Day, they have increased social engagement using their Social Tools. Product America email list views have also increased by 100%, thanks to product improvements and user matching. Lazada localizes their stores with 1,000 languages ​​and dialects to connect to nearly 650 million users across 1,000 languages ​​and dialects. As a result, they have seen an increase in purchasing power among the middle class and expect more growth in 2030. 

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