Apr 13, 2023
Perhaps this is the easiest point to understand

A 10-pound rope will be able to cast farther than a 20-pound rope.

This is because the thin rope diameter will reduce the friction effect on the ring and wind resistance.

And also a light line will be more easily pulled out by the lure and the elastic effect of the thrust of the rod.

This is the reason why embroidery rope is preferred by most anglers, compared to tang rope and fluorocarbon.

It offers the features mentioned above (small diameter and light weight).

In fact, the spool can spin faster and provide a neater line arrangement on our beloved reel.

A lure that weighs 11 grams is easier to cast far than a lure that only weighs 4 grams

The heavier a lure is , the farther it can be cast.

That’s why you will be happy to make a throw Whatsapp Mobile Number List with a lure weighing 21 grams until you run out of rope in the reel..

.. compared to casting a smaller lure (even using a spinning set with fine line).

Lure shape profile also affects distance..

lure throw distance

In general, lures that have an aerodynamic shape will be able to be thrown farther than lures that are shaped like anything.

If you try to cast a spinnerbait that has an oversized skirt and fan blades, you won’t be able to cast as far because it creates wind resistance during the cast.

I can cast a 7 gram jighead quite far, but sometimes I struggle to cast a 21 gram spinnerbait well.

This is because the propeller blades of the lure will spin in the air and the skirt

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5. Wind is the main enemy
lure throw distance

If you’re trying to get a good throw, the America Email List wind can be your friend or foe.

When you cast with the wind, it will go a long way in taking your lure far into the middle of the lake.

But if you throw against the wind, not only will it drastically reduce your throw distance.

.. even it will also cause another disaster which is backlash on your reel.

So be smart about using the wind direction situation.

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