Apr 10, 2023
Our Technological And Cultural Progress Has

Find out more about why it is particularly worthwhile for you and your company to overhaul your procurement and payments strategy. Download our free e-book now, in which we will guide you step-by-step through the ins and outs of a modern Procure-to-Pay solution.It is no coincidence that mobile wallets are among the major payment trends of 2022 . Because the digital wallets are both practical and always available. After all, you have your smartphone with you everywhere.

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An whether digital boarding passes, concert tickets, travel tickets or crdit cards: the possibilities of corresponding apps such as whatsapp mobile number list Apple Wallet are almost unlimitd and the operation is intuitive. The corresponding setup of Apple Pay, for example, only takes a few seconds. Technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC) in conjunction with biometric authentication (at Apple, for example, via Touch or Face ID) provide the infrastructure to carry out fast, contactless, secure and, above all, smooth payment transactions.

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Mobile wallets are increasingly complementing traditional payment methods and are estimatd to account for more than 50 percent[1] of payment America Email List volume in e-commerce as early as 2025. As an AirPlus customer, you can now also use all the advantages of Apple Pay and, since September 6, 2022, store your AirPlus Corporate Card with just a few clicks . On the occasion of the launch, we spoke to Uli Danz, Senior Innovation Manager at AirPlus, and found out more about the background.

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