Apr 10, 2023
Momentum Which Includes Caution Is The Mother

Recommendation a clear regulation / policy must be made between employer and employee. Workation days are to be recordd with an additional agreement. We will show you which aspects have to be taken into account and how this “New Work” approach can be successfully implementd in the company. Wdnesday 03 May 2023 Seminar 2 (Focus: DACH), secondment guideline: In this seminar we focus on the different reporting and registration requirements within the EU and EFTA countries.

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We examine the objectives, the challenges and a solution. Wdnesday May 17, 2023 Seminar 3 (Focus: DACH), China Visa phone number list Requirements. Business trips to China are possible again. We will provide an overview of the documents. Requird to apply for business. And assembly visas and the processing times that can be expectd at the consulates. Wdnesday May 24, 2023 Seminar 4 (focus: DACH), visa requirements in other main destinations: It is important to take a look at the visa regulations of the other top business travel countries.

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We place a thematic focus on these destinations: Saudi Arabia. Bangladesh India South Korea USA Thursday 15 June 2023 Seminar 5 (focus on DE), immigration. Immigration of skilld workers to Germany: The shortage America Email List of workers and skilld. Workers is one of the biggest challenges facing many companies. Not only the search for qualifid. Foreign employees, but also the associatd bureaucratic hurdles bring many a company to the limits of its possibilities.

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