Apr 4, 2023
Improved After-sales Performance

There is no denying that after sales is very important especially when shopping online. Delivery needs to be fast because it has a huge impact on the customer experience. Refunds and returns are also expected, meaning this is an added expense for any e-commerce company.

The following is the performance of Lavada and Shopee:

Lavada’s Shopee delivery

Lavada promises 3-5 days depending on the shipping service chosen. On the other hand, Shopee promises 1-2 business days for local orders (time and date depend on region). For overseas shipments, Lavada buyers have to wait up to 17 days, while Shopee’s maximum waiting time is up to 16 days.

Impact on their beer and income

Immediately, Shopee significantly outperformed Lazada in terms of number of visitors in a month. However, Lazada still pocketed more with US$16,322 billion in revenue.

On the other hand, Shopee database raised $6.2 billion, but this is still seen as strong growth, as it increased 74.3% over the previous year.

In terms of scoring metrics, let’s take a look at their parent companies:

SEA Limited, owner of Shopee and Southeast Asia’s leading digital gaming and entertainment company is valued at $98.4 billion, while Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce company, exceeds $1 trillion.

Lazada vs Shopee so who’s the winner


In terms of overall performance, Lazada is still in the lead, however, Shopee is closely following behind. 

Whenever Lazada holds promotional activities, delivery delays are common and unexpected out-of-stock events occur frequently. 

Maybe because Lazada is a new subsidiary, and the management has not been ironed out well in many countries. 

While Shopee is doubling down on America email list their efforts on growth, engagement, trend setting and inclusivity, they also need to focus on evaluating their sellers to ensure credibility and build trust with consumers. 

But as long as Shopee continues to present personalized marketing strategies and is consistent with their product selection and availability, there is no doubt that they can become the next leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. 

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