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It takes time. After all, nothing gives such deep knowlege as an individual, in-depth interview. Therefore, it is worth using this method, even as a supplement to focus or quantitative research. Finally, it is important to mention the importance of a clear research goal. Without it, 1.5 hours spent on a casual conversation may be waste time. It is different when the researcher knows exactly what data he wants to obtain and uses every minute to collect important results.Motivation tools – how to use them correctly? March 31, 2021 Employer branding Motivation tools and work motivation itself have long been of interest to researchers representing various fields of science.

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Where does this interest in this topic come from? Due to the influence of motivation on a person’s professional life. This problem is still valid. Among other things, due to the fact that until today, no one effective theory of motivation has been Latest Mailing Database develope, the application of which would provide both managers and ordinary employees with satisfaction from a job well done and, at the same time, satisfactory wages. How to choose employee motivation tools? External employee motivation tools What is the intrinsic motivation of employees.

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Material tools of motivation Non-material instruments of motivation Motivation or manipulation? The position of today’s companies increasingly depends on the quality of its intangible resources, human capital. It plays a strategic role in every America Email List company. It is people today who create a potential source of competitive advantage. Modern enterprises must therefore look for appropriate means to do so. Such as the right motivation tools that enable proper diagnosis, assessment and development of employee competencies. After all, it is the knowlege of employees that determines the company’s success to a large extent. The essence of employee motivation in the organization The concept of motivation can be define in various ways, including as a specific state.

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