Apr 9, 2023
Grouper Casting Technique Using Gemang

What is the technique of casting a grouper using a gemang?

Grouper fish is one of the species that many anglers are crazy about.

In addition to its delicious taste, grouper is also a reliable fighter.

His strong power and cunning game often make us feel empty.

In this article I try to share how to fish for grouper with the casting method in estuaries and rivers.

1. What is the habitat and behavior of grouper fish?
river grouper casting

Grouper fish is a fish that likes to inhabit structured areas such

As coral reefs, rocks and wood debris. This Phone Number List habitat is a grouper’s favorite because of its nature of ambushing small fish, shrimp or crabs that cross its hiding area.

Because of this, we will rarely see grouper in open areas away from structures.

It likes to hide and will not go far from its home area.

So to fish grouper we should send bait or lure as close as possible to its hiding place.

Among the spots you can try are:

Structures like the spot above provide good protection for grouper fish as a home and a place to hunt for food.

2. Appropriate equipment for suspecting grouper
appropriate grouper casting equipment
Use really powerful equipment and terminals
Grouper is a strong species.

When it realizes that it is trapped the grouper will quickly head for the nearest hiding place

Phone Number List

It will try its best to break your rope America Email List between rock and wood.

Although the grouper fish does not have high stamina, the power of its first run is very solid and difficult to stop.

Watch the video below to experience how powerful groupers can be despite their small size:

The larger the size of the grouper, the stronger it fights.

In fact, the rod can break if not careful.

You need to be alert, the grouper hiding area is filled with various sharp and challenging structures like barnacles.

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